Aguiar Valvassoura: Sketches
Aguiar Valvassoura pastors one of largest churches in the denomination: Brazil's Campinas Church of the Nazarene. Here, he reflects on his life with Holiness Today.

What was your most memorable destination?
Fiesch, Switzerland, for the 1974 Nazarene World Youth Conference.

Name a character trait you admire in others:

What character traits do you appreciate in yourself?
Honesty and integrity.

Who is the person you would most like to meet?
Charles Swindoll.

Name the person you most admire:
My wife, Lucia.

What phrase do you overuse?
"It is possible."

What would be your dream destination?

Taking my wife to Fiesch, Switzerland.

Where is the place that you feel most comfortable? Behind the pulpit.

What is your favorite Bible verse?
Psalm 37:4.

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?  I would not change anything—God made everything perfect. Q. Do you have a personal motto? A. "Everything your faith tells you God is, that's what He will be to you." Q. What is your most enjoyable free-time activity? A. Fishing with the men of the church—but I am only able to do it about twice a year. Q. What makes you laugh? A. When my local soccer team, Pointe Preta, wins. Q. Describe your greatest fear: A. Not being able to realize my dreams. Q. What is the best advice you have received? A. Live one day at a time. Q. What is the best advice you have given to others? A. This is something I say to young people: "The time is now." Q. From what sermon topic do you most enjoy preaching? A. Revival?reviving the church in the sense of bringing new life to the church. Q. What personal dream do you long to see fulfilled? A. I want to finish building our new 10,000-seat sanctuary and church complex in Campinas. Holiness Today, September/October 2004
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