Religious census results to be released next week
Global Ministry Center

The 2010 U.S. Religion Census will be unveiled on Tuesday, May 1, at the annual meeting of the Associated Church Press in Chicago.

This will have county-level information for 236 religious groups, the most comprehensive study of its kind ever made in the U.S. Rich Houseal, manager of the Church of the Nazarene Research Center at the Global Ministry Center, served as the liaison for data collection for the Census. Dale Jones, director of Research Services, worked on preparing the data for release in print and on the web.

"Nazarenes have been part of these censuses since the first was conducted in 1952," Jones said. "Since 1990, our Research Center has served as the primary data center for these studies. This data is used by Nazarenes for local church reports, district analyses, and targeting for new church starts."

"This has been a four-year process for our Research Center," Houseal added. "It’s been fun working with the various groups that provided data. These contacts have already proven helpful in improving our own research."

As news reports about this study appear in local publications, Houseal and Jones would appreciate knowing about these releases. Please let them know by sending a note or web link to
--Nazarene Research Services 

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