Global praise reports and prayer requests: July 20, 2012
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This week's praise reports and prayer requests from Nazarene Missions International, JESUS Film Harvest Partners, and NCN News include:


JESUS Film - Haiti
"They told me Jesus died for me," said a 35-year-old viewer in Haiti. "My friend invited me to church to hear about Jesus. I had been without hope for a long time. After hearing the truth, I decided to accept Christ as my Savior. I want him to live in my heart forever."

JESUS Film - Philippines
"The JESUS film helps us fulfill the Great Commission," said a team member in the Philippines. "We thank God for the way we are able to use the JESUS Film in our area. We are excited to plant churches to help new believers grow in their walk with Christ. We have a 10-year strategy to reach more in our area with the film."

Peru Church Inaugurated
Kindra Bible, an Extreme Nazarene Ministries volunteer, sends the following praise, “I arrived in Peru in October of 2008. Within the first month, I was invited to help with an outreach event in the community of Chachani. God gave me a dream of a church in Chachani, and I worked to try to accomplish this goal. Tonight, my heart is happy — there is a church in Chachani… It didn’t come in the form that I expected, but it was better. Many, many people have been involved in the work in Chachani over the years. God planted this church and chose to use many of us as instruments along the way.”


Japanese Flood Victims
A southern Japanese island, Kyushu, recently flooded. More than 400,000 people were evacuated from cities such as Kumamoto and Hita, and there were at least 26 fatalities. Japan NCM's director, Takashi Matsukawa, reports that no Nazarenes or churches have been adversely affected by flooding or landslides. Evacuees have started to return to their homes. 

Political tension in Timor-Leste has led to a number of stone-throwing incidents and the spontaneous gathering of large crowds, especially in the capital city of Dili, over the weekend. Some property and vehicles have been damaged. A Nazarene worker in Dili writes that there was a riot in several areas over the weekend. Timor-Leste is an island in Southeastern Asia, northwest of Australia, that gained its independence in May 2002.

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital
The Nazarene hospital in Papua New Guinea closed temporarily over worker issues and threats regarding the hydro-electric project. Although the hospital was able to reopen, the situation was compounded by national elections and already high tension in the country. 

Zambia Missionaries
On Monday, Gary Sidle and his oldest daughter, Lindsay, were traveling home when their vehicle was hijacked at gunpoint. Their car and everything in it, including Gary's wife's computer and other personal items, were taken. No physical harm befell the Sidles, who are missionaries in Zambia.

JESUS Film - India
"Many have hard hearts," said a team leader in India. "We are trying to share the JESUS film with two language groups. This creates some conflict. It is hard for the groups to give up what they have believed since childhood. We continue to share the Word of God but need your prayers. Pray the people will accept the good news of Jesus Christ."


Robert “Bob” Collins
Bob Collins has been diagnosed with cancer of the liver and will undergo surgery on July 30. Bob says, "God is still able to do great things. My life is in his hands." Bob and his wife, Frances, are retired missionaries who served in Brazil.

Saheed Mohammed
Guyana Berbice District Superintendent Saheed Mohammed is experiencing problems with his right eye.


Colorado Shooting
Pray for all those affected by a mass shooting in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado on Friday, July 20. As of this writing, 12 people have died and 38 are wounded.


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