World Quiz 2005 recap
Kansas City
Children¿s Ministries¿ third World Quiz was the largest general children¿s event in the history of the Church of the Nazarene. On June 25, 2005, Halls A and B of the Indianapolis Convention Center were filled with competition, trophies, and celebration. World Quiz is the highest competition level for Nazarene Children¿s Quizzing. It occurs every four years during the general conventions. Children¿grades one through six¿qualify for this prestigious event at their district children¿s quizzing.

Churches and families chartered buses, drove in long caravans, and flooded airports, giving testimony to the high value of Children¿s Quizzing in the life of the Church of the Nazarene.

¿World Quiz is one of the events that brings many new Nazarenes and young families to the general conventions,¿ stated Children¿s Ministries Director Lynda T. Boardman. ¿Children¿s Quizzing gives children opportunities to hear the stories of God¿s power at work in the lives of Bible heroes, learn key passages of Scripture that are God¿s promises in tough times, and accept Jesus Christ as Savior. It is an amazing adventure in discipleship.¿

The fourth World Quiz will be in 2009 during the General Sunday School Ministries Convention.

World Quiz 2005 Highlights:

¿ 2,202 quizzers participated (2182 in Indianapolis and 20 in British Isles North), making the World Quiz an international event
¿ More than 13,000 cheering spectators attended
¿ DaVonne Lee sang the World Quiz theme song, 1 & 2 Samuel for Me at the event
¿ USA/Canada educational region totals: 1-CNUC, 203-ENC, 292-MNU, 426-MVNU, 97-NNU, 509-ONU, 90-PLNU, 226-SNU, and 338-TNU
¿ Sunday School Ministries Director David W. Graves, Boardman, and WordAction Publishing (Nazarene Publishing House) Director Blaine Smith brought greetings to the quizzers and parents
¿ Kathy Hughes was honored with the Kids First Award for her service in Children¿s Ministries as Children¿s Quizzing and Caravan Editor from 1981-2001 and a total of 28 years of service to Children¿s Ministries

Note: Suzanne Cook currently serves as quizzing editor for Children¿s Ministries.
--Children¿s Ministries