Choonadi (The Truth) Church of the Nazarene opens in Mozambique
Wednesday, November 28, 2007
In May 2007, John and Carol Fillmore, Mission Corps volunteers in Mozambique, delivered roofing to several churches in one area. While John Fillmore visited two churches approximately 4 and 6 miles away, Carol Fillmore waited by the vehicle under a tree.

While there, she made friends with some children and soon the children were looking up into the tree and chattering excitedly. They finally were able to make it clear to her that there were snakes in the tree. Needless to say, Carol Fillmore found a new place to wait for her husband to return.

There was not a Nazarene church in that location, but some of the community members had heard the preaching of the Nazarenes, and decided that there should be a Nazarene Church in their community.

They said that through the Church of the Nazarene they had heard "the truth." Now, five months later, there is a new Nazarene church built on the site and a thriving congregation of 70-80 new Nazarenes.

"As we drove to the church with the roofing for their new building,” John Fillmore commented, “the congregation came to the car welcoming us, waving branches and singing and dancing.

“Pastor James Mangane of the new congregation asked me to name the church. 'Well,' I said, 'I didn't think the Lord would like it to be called the Snake Church of the Nazarene, but that I thought the congregation had already named the new church by calling it Choonadi (The Truth) Church of the Nazarene.' That name pleased everyone and we now have a new congregation near the site of the 'snake tree.' Praise the Lord!

“The entire congregation committed themselves to the covenant relationship of serving Jesus Christ with the whole heart, in seeking His will in everything they do, and to tithing. It was a great service."
--NCN News-Africa