Spain District celebrates 25 year milestone
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Madrid, Spain
When the first Church of the Nazarene was established in Spain, Carmen Fernandez Ungria was a member of the initial congregation. In the quarter century that has passed since then, her son, Delfin, and her grandsons, Efrain and Daniel, have been pastors and leaders of the Church of the Nazarene in Spain. Now her great-grandchildren are growing up in the church. Four generations of believers have been transformed by the Church of the Nazarene in Spain.

On November 7, 2007, the four generations of Ungrias had a lot to celebrate as Spain commemorated its 25th anniversary as a district with celebrations through the weekend in Madrid, Spain.

Twenty-six years ago, Thomas and Barbara Long, the first Nazarene missionaries to Spain, helped to facilitate the purchase of a four-story church building in Madrid, and the Church of the Nazarene in Spain was born. The congregation they started there, Pelicano Church of the Nazarene, still meets today and is now the largest church on the Spain District.

The first district assembly in Spain was held on March 7, 1982. Twenty-five years later, the 2007 Spain District Assembly celebrated this milestone anniversary.

The celebration began with an evangelistic event on November 7. The festivities continued at the Hotel Tryp in Madrid with more than 200 people attending. The district assembly was held on November 9.

The event began with a procession of flags and dancers in traditional Spanish attire. Pastor Efrain Ungria of the Pelicano Church in Madrid spoke about the first several years of the Church of the Nazarene in Spain, and Delfin Ungria spoke about the work of the Church of the Nazarene during recent years.

Youth of the Pelicano Madrid church led worship, and a traditional accordion and castanet duet was performed. Eurasia Regional Director Gustavo Crocker delivered a message.

“We were witnesses of the blessings from the Lord in Spain through all these 25 years,” said Spain District Superintendent Carlos Fernandez. “It was a great joy to share the history and the new challenges for the next years.”

The Spain District has churches in Madrid and its surrounding areas, Seville, Zaragoza and Barcelona. With help from Caleb Project volunteers, the district has planted 16 new family Christian centers with the hope they will soon be congregations.

According to Fernandez, the goals of the Spain District for the next 25 years are developing new national leaders, integrating and training Spanish and immigrant youth, and “reaching out with the message of love and hope of this glorious gospel to a post-modern, post-Christian, and post-community society.”
--Kim Waggoner for Eurasia Communications