MNU announces special assistance to Iowa college students
Thursday, December 4, 2008
Olathe, Kansas
MidAmerica Nazarene University (MNU) President Ed Robinson said MNU would extend special financial and transfer assistance to the students of Vennard College, University Park, Iowa. Vennard, a 98 year old Wesleyan-holiness Bible college, recently closed on November 22.

"Certainly this reminds all of us that higher education is not immune to the turns of financial markets," says Robinson. "We passionately believe in doing what we can to help out a Midwestern college with a similar heritage and mission."

For students needing to complete their bachelor's degrees, MNU has elected to waive certain residency requirements and has agreed to accept academic hours earned at Vennard into similar programs at MidAmerica.

The college's students also will be eligible for MidAmerica Nazarene University scholarship programs, which can range from full tuition costs for National Merit Finalists to Heritage Scholarships totaling $1,500 per year. Vennard students also will qualify for a $1,000 MNU Transfer Scholarship and a $750 Residence Life Scholarship.

More information on the Vennard College-MNU Connection is available at Students and friends of Vennard College with questions on the program should contact Associate Registrar Janell Kellum at (913) 971-3624.

Along with an anticipated transition of students, MNU's Mabee Library received the Vennard College archive collection.

The archive collection documents the history of the following institutions: Central Holiness University, John Fletcher College, Fletcher College, Kletzing College, Epworth Institute, Chicago Evangelistic Institute, and Vennard College. Some of the institutions merged with one another while some reorganized and were renamed, but eventually each had a part in the organization that became Vennard College, named after Iva Durham Vennard, founder of Chicago Evangelistic Institute.

"This collection is a real asset to help us trace some of the roots of the holiness movement as well as many contributors to the early roots of the Church of the Nazarene," says Rodney Birch, acting director of Mabee Library at MNU. "The collection enhances the university's resources for anyone researching the history of the American holiness movement."

Birch said A.M Hills, who was president at Central Holiness University for a time, and Audrey Williamson, who taught at John Fletcher College, are well known Nazarenes and early leaders of our denomination who appear in this documentation.

MNU President Ed Robinson said the university is honored to have Vennard's archival collection.

"Combined with MNU's archive, it establishes Mabee Library as a substantial research center for historians interested in American religious history and the holiness movement in the Midwest," Robinson says.

The transfer of ownership will take place in mid-December 2008. More information on Mabee Library is available at
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