Bethany First Church reports 173 spontaneous baptisms
Friday, February 27, 2009
Bethany, Oklahoma
Sunday morning, February 22, Pastor David Busic, senior pastor at Bethany, Oklahoma, First Church of the Nazarene, gave a brief message on baptism and invited anyone who had not been baptized to be baptized on the spot.

In two morning services, 173 people responded. The topic of the morning message had not been announced and the congregation was not expecting a baptism service. Although the response was spontaneous, a great deal of planning took place behind the scenes to provide baptism clothing and towels. Pastor Busic told the congregation, "If you have a change of heart, we have a change of clothes."

"I was so proud of our people," said Pastor Busic. "We were not sure what to expect, but all generations responded including grandparents with their grandchildren, spouses, teens, the elderly, whole families, church board members, as well as several pastors. One woman who was saved in the first service was baptized in the second."

Those in the congregation who had already been baptized verbally reaffirmed their baptism. "I believe the congregation's simple act of obedience will enable God's Spirit to work deeply among us," said Busic. "I have never seen or been part of anything like what happened. This is certainly a day we will always remember."
--Bethany First Church via NCN News Submissions
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  • What an inspiration! God's Spirit clearly at work in His Church. Praise be to God! RKMOORE on 02/28/09