General Board Members: 2009-2013
Thursday, July 9, 2009
Orlando, Florida
As a result of elections during the Church of the Nazarene's 27th General Assembly, the denomination's General Board for 2009-2013 includes:

(Individual, Region/Entity they are representing)
  • Rebecca Alvarado, Caribbean
  • Emanuel David Araujo, Africa
  • Jesus Bernat, South America
  • Sukamal Biswas, Eurasia
  • Dan Boone, Education
  • Bob Brower, Education
  • Jennifer Brown, NMI
  • Samuel Cadena Meza, Mexico/Central America
  • John Calhoun, Southwest USA
  • Ely Camas Perez, Mexico/Central America
  • Carmen Checo de Acosta, Caribbean
  • Randall Craker, Northwest USA
  • Charles Davis, Southeast USA (president)
  • Larry D. Dennis, Southeast USA
  • John Q. Dickey, Central USA
  • David Downs, East Central USA
  • D. Ian Fitzpatrick, Canada
  • Shionel Blas A. Gesite, Asia-Pacific
  • Dwight M. Gunter, Southeast USA
  • Hugh Hawthorne, Canada
  • Mark Holcomb, NYI
  • Yong-Hwa Im, Asia-Pacific
  • Elimelec Juanta Castro, Mexico/Central America
  • Rob Kegel, Eurasia
  • Ronald Khumalo, Africa
  • James Kraemer, North Central USA
  • Janet Lanham, Eastern USA
  • Rose Hlanlissele Mahlalela, Africa
  • Daniel Martin, East Central USA
  • Dance Mathebula, Africa
  • Larry McIntire, North Central USA
  • Hans-Guenter Mohn, Eurasia (vice-president)
  • Arlindo Mondlane, Africa
  • Dennis Moore, Southeast USA
  • Felipe Luis Morales, Mexico/Central America
  • John Ngombe, Africa
  • Keith Pardue, South Central USA
  • Joel Pearsall, Northwest USA
  • Walliere Pierre, Caribbean
  • Olga Yolanda Robles, Caribbean
  • David Roland, Central USA
  • Gerson Rueda, South America
  • Roberto Santos, South America
  • Dan Spaite, Southwest USA
  • Paul D. Tarrant, Eurasia
  • Amadeu Teixeira, South America
  • David Busic, South Central USA
  • Kerry Willis, Eastern USA
--General Secretary's Office
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