2009 Nazarene Missions International report
Thursday, March 4, 2010
Global Ministry Center
Highlights of the 2009 Nazarene Missions International (NMI) report, presented to the General Board during its 87th Session, February 19-22, 2010:

Daniel Ketchum, Nazarene Missions International Director

1. NMI is the church-relations heart of Global Mission in each local church around the world. The purpose of NMI is to mobilize churches in mission through praying, discipling, giving, and educating. Council members elected at local, district, and global levels and regional coordinators appointed by regional directors are guided by a constitution included in the Manual and a handbook for equipping, motivating, and modeling best practices.

2. NMI is praying: interceding for leaders and churches and for the Holy Spirit to draw all people to Christ. NMI was born in prayer, depends on prayer, and provides prayer resources, including:
  • Prayer and Fasting
  • Prayer Mobilization Line
  • Praying through the 10/40 Window
  • International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
  • Nazarene World Week of Prayer coordinates with the World Day of Prayer
  • National Days of Prayer around the world and Global Day of Prayer
3. NMI is discipling: involving and mentoring future missions leaders, especially youth and children, to make Christlike disciples for God's mission in the nations.
  • Global Mission Conference during June 2009 in Orlando expanded from a general NMI convention, featuring creative prayer, regional features, global tracks, mission workshops, new videos, annual sub-themes, a March of the Nations, resolutions, and elections. NMI elected Jennifer Brown, the first global NMI president from outside the U.S.
4. NMI is giving: devoting ourselves and our resources, especially World Evangelism Fund (WEF), to extend Christ's kingdom.
  • The WEF continues to be the vital financial lifeline to develop leaders and churches globally. WEF enables mission strategy around the world. NMI partnered with pastors, church boards, Global Mission, Stewardship, and the BGS to help churches raise $45,906,000 for WEF. Beyond WEF, churches gave $22,005,000 for Approved Mission Specials. The amount of WEF giving beyond goals was $1,361,000.
  • NMI offers two significant WEF recognitions:
    • World Evangelism Church - at least 5.5 percent of current income to WEF
    • World Evangelism Church of Excellence - at least 5.7% of current income to WEF (or $1,500 whichever is less)
  • NMI produced in multiple languages several WEF videos based on testimonies from global mission leaders
  • Investments in Global Mission - 2009

5. NMI is educating: informing people of the world's needs and enabling our church to meet those needs in Christ.
  • NMI will launch a new mission education resource for local churches in March 2010. Each year, the new Living Mission will feature many videos, audios, lessons, CAUSES, and a Web site with additional resources, each compatible to interact simply.
  • A growing number of pastors and local and district NMI leaders want NMI to simplify emphases and offerings. The new NMI council voted to do this. While we simplify NMI, we will not nullify, marginalize, or weaken NMI. We will retain the core and essence of NMI, while providing simplified options to local churches and districts. 
  • One feature called Missionary Care now includes several former emphases, each of which will continue to be vital (Missionary Health Care, LINKS, Missionary Christmas Fund, Distinguished Service Award, Memorial Roll, Gifts from the Heart).

Teams beyond NMI that Daniel Ketchum leads:

1. Global Prayer Initiatives collaborating with the Board of General Superintendents to:
    a. Resource and sustain "a house of prayer for all nations" in each church globally, each district, field, regional, and global gathering, and at the GMC.
    b. Gather prayer summits on regions, fields, and districts globally; equip leaders to facilitate summits.
    c. Network proactively with prayer movements in the greater Body of Christ.
    d. Equip churches to collaborate with citywide prayer movements: concerts of prayer, prayer walks, weekly/monthly prayer encounters for leaders, and annual prayer summits.

2. EngageMagazine.com: Global Mission launched this online magazine in May 2009 featuring new mission stories from around the world, eventually in multiple languages.

3. Global Mission Partnerships (field and church-based) to resource churches, districts, and fields around the world with prayer, volunteers, and giving beyond the World Evangelism Fund.

For more information about NMI, see nazarenemissions.org.

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