Eurasia NYI leaders meet in Büsingen
Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Büsingen, Germany
The Eurasia regional Nazarene Youth International (NYI) council met in Büsingen, Switzerland, Irbid, Jordan, and Sofia, Bulgaria, March 26-31. This was the first opportunity for the new council to meet following the 2009 Global NYI Convention.

While most council members traveled to Büsingen for the meeting, video-conferencing was used to include representatives from the Eastern Mediterranean and South Eastern European fields unable to travel to Büsingen. The council is comprised of a representative from each field, as well as the regional chairperson and vice-chairperson Eurasian delegates elected during the convention.

The meeting set the pace for regional youth ministry for the coming years. Discussion items included ideas and resources to mobilize young people of the region and to engage them with the church and their communities. Resource materials and events designed to encourage the youth of the region were discussed and commissioned, including the development of a web site for regional NYI.

Regional Director Gustavo Crocker gave the group an overview about the region and its mission, as well as an understanding as to where the region stands in its support to young people. Conversations revolved around the region's commitment to resource ministry to children and youth, as well as leadership development and the intentional involvement of young people in Leadership Development Initiative (LDI), a regional emphasis to develop and mentor emerging leaders. Global resources were introduced and the council discussed the future of the church and ways in which young people could become agents of transforming their world and live a missional lifestyle.

The next few months will be busy with preparations for Third Wave, a global conference for emerging leaders in Bangkok, Thailand, January 4-9, 2011, and the planning for the next regional Nazarene Youth Congress in India in 2012.

With this council meeting there is a lot to look forward to for the young people of every district and field and as a region in general.

The council includes the following:

Milton Madhu - Eurasia NYI chairperson and South Asia Field representative
Christoph Nick - Eurasia NYI vice/chairperson
Dolphy Biswas - India Field representative
Kais Al-Haddad - EastMed Field representative
Victor Pereira - WestMed Field representative
Igor Rybalko - CIS Field representative
Michelle Sowerby - Northern Europe Field representative
Jennifer Rae - global senior youth representative
Sabine Wielk - Eurasia NYI coordinator
South Eastern Europe representative to be determined
--Eurasia Region Communications
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