Adult Ministries International welcomes Darrell Rotz
Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Global Ministry Center
Adult Ministries International (AMI) is pleased to welcome Darrell Rotz as Prime Time Ministries coordinator.

"Darrell's passion for ministry to and with senior adults, his expertise, and his servant attitude will be a blessing to the Church of the Nazarene," states AMI Director Larry Morris.

Rotz and his wife, Leah, live in Temecula, California. Rotz is retired after a significant and successful career in which he pastored for 26 years and was a Christian school superintendent for 14 years. In his retirement, he is deeply involved in the "business" of ministry to Prime Time adults. Rotz has been a vital member of the Prime Time Advisory Council for more than 10 years.

In his home church, Murrieta Gateway Church of the Nazarene, Rotz teaches the Sunday School class he started eight years ago. The Faithful Bible Explorers class has grown to include over 125 members. In addition to teaching, he oversees retreats and serves as a resource person for workshops and seminars.

Rotz is the Prime Time regional director for three California districts: Anaheim, Los Angeles, and Southern California. Over the years, the annual regional retreat at Murrieta Hot Springs Resort has been attended by thousands of Prime Time adults. He is also involved in planning two annual Christmas luncheons for approximately 600. In the past 12 years, the Rotzs have organized Prime Time tour groups to 52 countries, including the Holy Land and Paul's Missionary Journeys.

In response to the invitation to serve as coordinator, Rotz wrote: "I have developed a genuine love affair with senior adults. I accept this calling as a sacred trust and will seek daily divine leadership and enablement."

The Rotzs will remain in California, continuing to be involved in Prime Time Ministries on the Anaheim, Los Angeles, and Southern California districts.

AMI director Morris writes, "By serving as general Prime Time Ministries coordinator, Darrell will be able to help others expand their Prime Time ministry efforts through the offices at the Global Ministry Center."

To contact the Rotzs by E-mail, write to
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