Professor publishes new book on holiness
Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Nampa, Idaho
Northwest Nazarene University theology professor Diane Leclerc authored the new textbook on the central doctrine of Wesleyan-holiness theology that was released December 15.

The book, entitled Discovering Our Christian Holiness: The Heart of Wesleyan-Holiness Theology, examines the biblical, historical, and theological foundations of holiness, along with its importance in the twenty-first century.

"I wish this book would have been available as a textbook when I taught Doctrine of Holiness," shared Roger L. Hahn, Nazarene Theological Seminary professor of New Testament and dean of the faculty. "The organization of the book into biblical, historical, theological, and practical sections provides an excellent structure to think about holiness holistically. Dr. Leclerc's integration of Wesleyan and American holiness is an excellent model of appreciative synthesis of the tradition's sources. Though this is an academic book, Dr. Leclerc's pastoral concerns come through."

Leclerc is professor of historical theology at NNU, a former pastor, and a past president of the Wesleyan Theological Society. She has  authored three books, including I Am Not Ashamed: Sermons by Wesleyan-Holiness Women, as well as many articles and chapters for various journals, anthologies, and compilations.

Discovering Our Christian Holiness
can be purchased online at Nazarene Publishing House by clicking here or by calling (800) 877-0700.
--Northwest Nazarene University
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