Africa Region reaches half million in membership
Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Johannesburg, South Africa
The Africa Region reached the half-million mark in 2010 with 511,373 members.

"We praise the Lord for the great harvest," said Filimao Chambo, regional director for Africa.

To continue this growth, the district superintendents and regional mission team adopted a five year regional strategy document, Multiplying Disciples - Multiplying Churches, in 2010. The document outlines four objectives to realize a revival of personal and corporate Wesleyan holiness resulting in the growth and multiplication of churches that are Christlike and discipleship minded across the region.

Those objectives are: 1) Holiness revivalism, 2) Evangelism, 3) Discipleship 4) Education. Go to the resources page at to download Africa Regional Priorities.

"Yes, we rejoice in achieving the half-a-million mark and the formulation of the regional strategy document," Chambo said.

Chambo knows it would not have been possible without the pastors, lay leaders, and members' commitment and dedication to the work of the Lord on the region.

The growth also was made possible through the various partners that join the church in Africa in praying for harvest and giving toward mission work, Chambo said.

Chambo asks the region to look ahead and remember "the harvest is plentiful."

In his travels across the continent, Chambo became more aware of the hundreds of people who need to hear the Good News of salvation.

"I also encounter hundreds of people within our local churches that are hungry for discipleship."

He challenges the pastors and church leaders "to prayerfully seek God's guidance in developing tactical plans and implementing programs that will help the church on the region to accomplish our mission: 'To Make Christlike Disciples in Africa.'"

Chambo prays that in the next five years, the church in Africa will see greater growth as leaders commit to follow the region's strategic principles and plan.

"Imagine the harvest if each member would commit to win and disciple one disciple each year: Each one, win one; each one, disciple one."

He goes on to say, "Imagine what the region would look like if each church would commit to plant a new church. Imagine the harvest if each pastor would commit to equip and mentor another pastor or lay leader. The one million mark in membership would be reached sooner than we imagine.

"I pray that the 511,373 Nazarenes on the Africa Region will be completely exposed to the Scriptures to produce an awakening in this generation," Chambo added.
--Africa Region
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