Members of Prairie Heights Community Church, a new start church in Fargo, North Dakota, celebrate 10 years of ministry
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North Dakota new start church celebrates 10 years of ministry
Thursday, April 21, 2011
Fargo, North Dakota
Pastor Jon Hauser and his wife, Teri, moved to Fargo, North Dakota, to start a new church in 2001.

Since then the church experienced unusual growth in a city that has a strong mainline church influence.

Prairie Heights Community Church, a Church of the Nazarene on the Prairie Lakes District, celebrated 10 years of ministry on April 17, averaging more than 800 in attendance the past couple months. Church officials counted 1,164 people in attendance at the anniversary celebration.

The passion that drives Prairie Heights Church is a mixed DNA with a priority of reaching into the lives of lost and hurting people and turning them into followers of Christ. 

After starting in a hotel conference center, the church had to move to the conference center at the Fargo Dome in 2008. The Dome is where North Dakota State University plays football, plus where many other high profile events take place, giving the church great visibility in the city.

Prairie Heights is filled with hundreds of stories of people who have been saved and transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and have caught the passion and vision for making disciples, said Jim Kraemer, superintendent of the Prairie Lakes District.

The church has purchased 30 acres in a choice location in Fargo and has begun building an office complex and conference room. The church will continue to worship at the Fargo Dome because it has new people attending every week.

The vision of the church is to continue to make an impact on the Fargo - Moorhead community and to help start churches wherever God leads. 

Prairie Heights already has been a key component in starting a new Church of the Nazarene in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Kraemer said.

Pastor Hauser is a third generation holiness preacher, driven to see the church do much more in the Midwest. His life and ministry reflect the Biblical mandate that as long as there are people who don't know Jesus Christ, we need to do whatever it takes to reach them. 

"And God is blessing his passion for the lost," Kraemer said. "It has been exciting to see what God can do when we let Him work - even in North Dakota."
--Prairie Lakes District Church of the Nazarene and the USA/Canada Regional Office
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