Nazarene Bible College vandalized
Thursday, July 21, 2011
Colorado Springs, Colorado
By NCN News Staff
At least two buildings were broken into and vandalized at Nazarene Bible College early Thursday, the school confirmed.

The incident occurred around 5 a.m.  

Offices, classrooms, and a restroom were vandalized in Leist Hall and two offices and additional rooms were damaged in the Williamson Student Center, said Laurel Matson, NBC vice president of Student Development.

KKTV reported Jeffrey Sweatt gained access to one of the buildings through a ground floor window. A security guard heard him inside and called police.

When an officer arrived, he could see Sweatt running down a hallway swinging an object and breaking overhead lights, KKTV said. The sergeant contacted the suspect from outside some locked glass doors.

When additional officers arrived, Sweatt was promptly arrested.

Matson said Sweatt did not appear to be a current or former student.

“At this point there appears to be almost no evidence that the individual was attempting to burglarize or steal anything,” Matson said.

KKTV said the incident caused “several thousand dollars worth of damage.”

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