The future of EuNC as it 'Moves Beyond'
Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Büsingen, Switzerland
The staff of European Nazarene College met for a faculty assembly January 23-25 during which they discussed and prepared for EuNC’s future as a decentralized, yet fully functioning and thriving school.

In 2011, EuNC closed its residential program in Büsingen on the Swiss-German border and implemented a new strategy, “Moving Beyond,” which focuses on developing their 15 learning centers across 17 countries.

“EuNC education is stronger than ever before ... We want to stay focused on education and not running the campus facilities,” said Academic Dean Antonie Holleman.

The six members of the Central Leadership Team live in five different countries, requiring an academic structure based on trust and reliance that is made possible through cost-effective and easily-accessible modern technology.

"[Today] we can move across boundaries and time zones seamlessly,” said Holleman. This allows EuNC to not only maintain but build upon their academic standard while creating communities where students continue to interact with their peers and teachers at each learning center.

“In a sense, every district is getting its own theological school ... We are creating 15 mini schools within an overall structure,” Holleman added.

Previously, EuNC was accredited through MidAmerica Nazarene University; however as a part of “Moving Beyond” and the strengthening of their education system, EuNC is in the interview process of receiving accreditation from the European Evangelical Accrediting Association. A visitation team from the EEAA was present during the assembly and interviewed faculty and administrators.

While EuNC’s education model has moved away from an integrated system based in Büsingen, the campus facilities remain fully functioning and are now the European Conference Center (ECC).

“[We] renamed the campus and gave it a different purpose,” said Holleman. “We are currently exploring what all this means and what all is possible.”

In 2012, ECC will host regional events, the Germany District assembly, and the MNU Europe program.

“Through our certificate programs, learning centers, and European accreditation, we will be more rooted in the European soil while also creating a network with similar schools here in Europe,” Holleman said.

The administrators and teachers left the assembly equipped with the necessary tools to take EuNC to the next level to successfully “move beyond” Büsingen.

While everyone prepares for the challenge of the next phase, Holleman remains optimistic that through the new model, EuNC will thrive.

“We are pretty well equipped to make this radical change, but it is still a massive transition," he said. "Maybe God is trying to teach us something. Maybe God is pushing us out of this comfort zone; God has a plan for us because God has been leading us, and if God is leading us, then the good is still to come.”
--Church of the Nazarene Eurasia Region
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