Global praise reports and prayer requests: June 15, 2012
Thursday, June 14, 2012
Global Ministry Center
This week's praise reports and prayer requests from Nazarene Missions International, JESUS Film Harvest Partners, and NCN News include:


Extreme Peru accident
A Peruvian construction worker, Mohamaly Mendoza, fell from the fifth floor of a building he was working on with Extreme Nazarene ministries. Mendoza fell on his back, barely missing a steel bucket. He was taken to the hospital and miraculously he did not have any broken bones or serious injury. As an Extreme Nazarene member posted on their Facebook page, "Anyone who says God doesn't do miracles is wrong!"

JESUS Film - Brazil
"The best thing I did was watch the JESUS film," said 11-year-old Joao in Brazil. "I really liked the film (The Story of JESUS for Children) and want to show it in my school. I want all my friends to see it. My parents are going to help me."

JESUS Film - Honduras
"We are helping others meet Jesus," said Alfonso in Honduras. "Through the JESUS film, I became a follower of Christ. My life has changed and I serve the Lord. My son also became a believer. We are working together to tell others about God's love."

JESUS Film - Mali
"How can I join with those people?" said 29-year-old Coulibaly in Mali. "As I watched the JESUS film, I felt a need to make a change but I did not know what to do. My people looked down on followers of Christ. I was surprised when the team member told us about following Jesus. It brought me huge joy when I repented in prayer. I know Jesus really saved me. I will tell my husband about my new life. This will take courage since the people here ridicule believers. Pray for my husband to meet Jesus. Thank you."


Bonita Park fire
A fire, caused by a lightning strike, roared through the Nazarene camp at Bonita Park, New Mexico, on June 9. Residents, summer staff, staff, and campers were evacuated and everyone was accounted for and are safe. All staff housing and the permanent homes of nearly all who lived on the campgrounds are gone. 

Persecuted Believers
Nazarene leaders recently sent in the follow request: A group of new believers in an unnamed country recently were attacked by people with iron bars and sticks. One woman died from the beating; the rest are severely injured. A man recovering from his injuries was approached by a stranger, who shot him in the stomach when he would not give the location of another believer. He has survived surgery and is in intensive care, fighting for his life.

Eby robbery
A man forced his way into the home of Tim and Michelle Eby on Wednesday morning and stole Tim’s laptop, which contained information related to their ministry assignments. Michelle and a friend were in the house at the time. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Tim and Michelle are missionaries who serve in Senegal.


David Freeman
Please pray for missionary David Freeman who has been told by doctors that he has a tumor on his spine that is likely malignant. David and his wife, Gretchen, are Global Serve volunteers serving at the Nazarene Theological College-Brisbane and in the field office in Brisbane, Australia.

Luke Johnston
Missionary Josh Williams's stepson, Luke, suffers from neuroblastoma, a type of cancer. Josh and his wife, Brandi, received word from the doctor recently that the cancer has spread. The doctor said Luke has "weeks to months" to live. Josh Williams is a missionary serving on the South America Region.

Mario Martinez
Please join with us in prayer for Mario Martinez, who has contracted both Malaria and Typhoid Fever. He is being treated with injections. Mario wrote, "Thanks for praying for me, I need to get over [them] as we have various programs; celebrating 10 years of the Church of the Nazarene in Guinea, the closure of the school year for our school and others." Mario is a missionary serving in Equatorial Guinea.

Terry Sanders - UPDATE
Doctors have determined that he is not a good candidate for a liver transplant. Terry and his wife, Jane, would appreciate your continued prayers that his liver and related side effects will improve. The Sanders are former missionaries who served in the Philippines.

Bessie Tsambe
Bessie Tsambe, pastor of the Maputo Central Church of the Nazarene in Mozambique, was hospitalized in Maputo, Mozambique, for treatment to control diabetes. Although she is now home, it will take time for her body to recover. Bessie is the mother of Filimao Chambo, regional director for Africa.  


For more global concerns and continued requests, see the NMI Prayer Mobilization Line by clicking here or JESUS Film Harvest Partners by clicking here.

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