Bible Society of Costa Rica, SENDAS sign collaboration agreement
Wednesday, June 20, 2012
San Jose, Costa Rica
On June 8, the Bible Society of Costa Rica and Nazarene Seminary of the Americas (SENDAS) signed an agreement to make a radio program featuring many prominent Latin American theologians available online via podcast.

"It seems to me that making this agreement is an excellent contribution for the students of Latin America in that they can learn more about the Bible," said Mayra Ugalde, general director of the Bible Society. "The Nazarene seminary has been characterized as an institution that emphasizes the Word of God and that has contributed to the leadership of the continent. This agreement does not have any financial aspects since its purpose is to contribute to the development and expanding of the kingdom of God and the better preparing leaders. If in having this agreement we can contribute, we will do so.”

For many years, the Bible Society of Costa Rica and other evangelical participants produced a radio program called “God Speaks Today” that touches on many diverse topics from a Biblical perspective. Many of the most-recognized Latin American theologians were interviewed on the program, and for that reason the program is highly relevant to the church and its mission.

The agreement between the two institutions began with a conversation between Francisco Zuñiga, producer and announcer of "God Speaks Today," and Franlym Pena, undergraduate program coordinator at SENDAS. They wanted the program to be available online so it could be heard by the evangelical community by podcast. Now that the agreement has been signed, the podcast webpage will be developed and ready soon.

"In this time, one of the challenges for theological education is 'How can we provide quality training using today’s tools, that will be attractive and easy to use?' 'How can we reach those who desire to prepare themselves to serve but who are very busy and who are physically very far from a study center?’" said Ruben Fernandez, SENDAS president. "This audio material will help to give more depth to what the professor is teaching and will serve as a consultation resource for the students of the Nazarene seminary, to enrich their learning. The Bible is the center of all that we do. I am a defender of the Bible. This relationship between SENDAS and SBCR is a win-win situation and the most important part is that, above all else, it will advance the kingdom of God.”

Those participating in the signing of the agreement for the Bible Society of Costa Rica included Mayra Ugalde, Alberto Reyes, and Francisco Zuñiga. For the SENDAS, the document was signed by Fernandez; Jorge Baños, vice president for academics; Mary Anais Rojas, vice president for administration; and Esdras Jiménez, coordinator for online education.
--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica Region
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