The Board of General Superintendents (L-R): Eugenio R. Duarte, Jesse C. Middendorf, Jerry D. Porter, Stan A. Toler, J. K. Warrick, David W. Graves.
You're invited to General Assembly 2013
Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Global Ministry Center
Board of General Superintendents
Greetings to Nazarenes worldwide!

Less than 12 months remain until the 28th General Assembly and Conventions convene. Nazarenes from around the world will gather at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Delegates and friends from around the world will come together under the leadership of the Holy Spirit in order that we might continue to advance our mission — “To Make Christlike Disciples in the Nations.”

In preparation for these events, priority should be placed on the invocation of God’s blessings and presence. The Board of General Superintendents pledges to pray:
  • For the delegates and guests as they make preparations for the journey, some from the far reaches of the world.
  • For God’s presence to be experienced as we fellowship, learn, and serve together.
  • For God to ignite our worship experiences, inhabiting our praise, prayers, and proclamations.
  • For God to use the efforts of Nazarenes as they volunteer in service to the greater Indianapolis community through the “One Heart, Many Hands” mission.
  • For God to enlighten our minds and hearts with his wisdom for our beloved church.
Therefore, we urge each region, each district, each church, each family, and each individual to accept the challenge to join us in praying for the Lord’s guidance at this important gathering. 

We invite you to attend the 2013 General Assembly. The corporate experiences of global Nazarenes rekindling friendships, making acquaintances, and experiencing God will never be forgotten.

The life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ, the message of scriptural holiness, and our engagement in mission and ministry have never been more important than now. God is raising up "next-generation" leaders who are stepping forward to share the love and hope that is in Jesus alone.

Pre-event planning is underway. Mark your calendars for June 19 to 27, 2013, and plan to make your way to Indianapolis. More information will be coming to you soon regarding necessary arrangements for the 2013 General Assembly and Conventions.

The official website of General Assembly is Live streaming information is available there.

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--Board of General Superintendents, Church of the Nazarene
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  • May God bless the Church of the Nazarene! May this church be like the church of Jesus Christ! YVIODIE on 06/26/13
  • it would be nice if delegates who are unable to travel to the US due to financial difficulty can ... BEVADAMS on 07/26/12