Barbados youth campers 'Launch Out'
Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Jezreel, St. Philip
Youth between the ages of 12 and 18 gathered at the Church of Christ Camp Center in Jezreel, St. Philip, ready to encounter God, meet old and new friends, and have a memorable experience at the Barbados District Nazarene Youth Camp 2012: Launch Out.

The camp began on August 5 with 85 campers.

Ruth Lawrence, the Mesoamerica Region’s Nazarene Youth International regional council member who resides in Trinidad, led campers in launching out in God. Each night's teaching was centered on the anatomy of God — his hands, voice, feet, face, eyes, side, and intimacy with God. These sessions were a great opportunity for campers to see who God is and commit their lives to him. Foot washing and Communion were included in chapel time, and campers saw the connection between these and God's Word.

Morning workshops surrounded the "Launch Out" theme. Topics included Facing Your Fears, presented by Collis Jordan; Etiquette by Kathy-Ann Bellamy and Janice Jemmott; and Day 11 by Caswald Jemmott. During morning Bible studies, campers studied the lives of persons in the Bible who dared to launch out.

There were also team competitions in drama and music. Campers had about two hours to plan and practice their routines, which brought fellow campers to their feet or left them holding their sides in laughter. Other competitions included hula hooping, unscrambling words, fixing pictureless puzzles, and identifying countries on the Mesoamerica Region.

One of the highlights of the competitions was the rocket-making contest, where each team was required to design and make a rocket with provided materials and their own resources. Each team tried their hardest to meet the criteria, although some campers needed a few more hours to get their rockets to launch.

Mission projects were part of the camp experience again as most of the campers headed to Youth With a Mission, where they shoveled, helped in a garden, and cleaned.

Saturday was a day of relaxation, where campers could fellowship and engage in some friendly competitions. The campers were prepared with bottles, sticks, and chants as they headed to King George V Memorial Park. Rain interrupted the proceedings but did not halt the events as campers headed back to the camp center to continue the sports. In the evening, there were a variety of concerts where the campers and counselors sang, danced, played instrumentals, and read poetry.

"[God] provided good weather and committed staff, counselors, and volunteers who were willing to pitch in when things became difficult," said Jamie Hinds, district NYI president. "I deem Camp 2012 a success as seeds were sown, persons committed their lives to Christ, and lives were impacted for his glory. I thank the parents for entrusting their children into our care, for churches, organizations, and individuals that donated and campers for partaking willingly in the week’s activities. The camp committee worked tirelessly to ensure that camp was well planned and executed."
--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica Region
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