David Busic, president of Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri, was elected as the 40th general superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene today.
Busic elected 40th general superintendent
Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Indianapolis, Indiana
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David Busic, president of Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri, was elected as the 40th general superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene on Tuesday, June 25. He was elected on the 21st ballot at the 28th General Assembly and Conventions in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Busic accepted the position.

"My brothers and sisters, I find myself experiencing two different emotions at once – incredible gratitude to the church and to God," he said. ‘Without the grace of God I have nothing and am nothing, and apart from the church I am given nothing. The other emotion I have is amazing humility that the church would extend this honor to me. I’ve never felt adequate for the call that God has placed on my life, but I have always known His power to help me to do what He has called me to do."

Busic then told a story of a young, homeless boy named Bobby living in a Nebraska haystack who, as a physically challenged teenager, found God through the Church of the Nazarene and later gave his life to the church. When Bobby passed away at age 50, people packed the church to remember and honor him.

"The reason that story means so much to me is that Bobby was my dad," he said. "And now you know why I love this church so much.

"I am committed to this church," he continued. "I have submitted to the will of the church and I trust the Lord and the church. And with great humility I accept your affirmation. And I commit to be the kind of leader who continues to lead us into our best days as a Christian church, as a holiness church and as a missional church. Thank you for your prayers. We love you, and we are servants to you. Thank you."

Busic accepted his election as NTS president on September 4, 2011.

He is the fourth NTS president elected general superintendent, following , Hugh C. Benner, Eugene Stowe, and William M. Greathouse. 

Previously, Busic served as senior pastor at Bethany, Oklahoma, First Church of the Nazarene for seven years. He was also senior pastor at Lenexa, Kansas, Central Church of the Nazarene and Livermore, California, Vineyard Community Church of the Nazarene. He was on staff at Shawnee, Kansas, Church of the Nazarene.

During his time at Bethany First Church, Busic helped initiate and establish the Swaziland Partnership in 2007 to help reduce the HIV/AIDS rate and to assist vulnerable children in Swaziland, Africa.

Busic has been a member of the Church of the Nazarene's General Board, including serving as president of the USA National Board. He is a graduate of Southern Nazarene University (BA in religion, honorary doctorate) and Nazarene Theological Seminary (MDiv). He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.

From 2005 to the present, Busic has served as a member of the Board of General Superintendents’ Thought Partners, a think tank for critical issues facing the Church of the Nazarene.

Busic has published numerous articles, co-authored two books, A Pastor’s Guide to Effective Preaching and Sharing My Faith, and was co-editor of Preacher’s Magazine: A Preaching Resource in the Wesleyan Tradition from 2000 to 2007. His most recent book, Perfectly Imperfect: Character Sketches from the Old Testament, is due for release soon. His preaching is widely respected throughout the church, making him a sought after speaker and leadership advisor.

He and his wife, Christi, have three children: Megan, Ben, and Madison; and one granddaughter, Kennedy. 

More information on Busic’s election and General Assembly proceedings will be released in a special e-news edition on Wednesday morning.

To read/view Busic's speech to the assembly, click here.
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