2013-2017 General Board
Thursday, June 27, 2013
Indianapolis, Indiana
The following individuals were elected to the Church of the Nazarene's General Board for the next quadrennium. 

The denomination's General Board is made up of pastors and lay leaders representing the global church and elected by the regional caucuses at General Assembly. Convening in late February each year, the board has governing responsibility for the international Church of the Nazarene between general assemblies.

Africa Region

Solomon Ndlovu, Minister (DS)
Arlindo Mondlane, Minister
Patrick Paulse, Minister
Johannes Marakalala, Lay
Cassandra Moodley Pillay, Lay
Sipho Vilakati, Lay 

Asia-Pacific Region

Kafoa Muaror, Minister (DS)
Min-Gyoo Shin, Minister
Peter Aree, Lay
Shionel Gesite, Lay

Canada Region

D. Ian Fitzpatrick, Minister (DS)
David Falk, Lay

Central USA Region

John Seaman, Minister (DS)
Judy Owens, Lay

East Central USA Region

Carla Sunberg, Minister (DS)
Bryan Clay, Lay

Eastern USA Region

Ken Mills, Minister (DS)
Tracy Spaur, Lay

Eurasia Region

Sukamal Biswas, Minister (DS)
Philip McAlister, Minister (DS)          
Hans-Günter Mohn, Minister
Rob Kegel, Lay
Milon Patwary, Lay                    
Paul Tarrant, Lay

Mesoamerica Region

Oscar Rene Franco, Minister
Andres Hernandez, Minister
Ramon Angel Sierra, Minister (DS)
Darryl Bodkin, Lay
Carmen Checo de Acosta, Lay
Michael Scott, Lay

North Central USA Region

James Kraemer, Minister (DS)
Larry McIntire, Lay

Northwest USA Region

Randy Craker, Minister (DS)
Joel K. Pearsall, Lay

South America Region

Jesus Bernat, Minister (DS)
Anips Spina, Minister
Amadeu Teixeira, Minister (DS)
Haroldo Neves, Lay
Gerson Rueda, Lay
Jose Roberto Santos, Lay

South Central USA Region

Terry Rowland, Minister (DS)
Loren Gresham, Lay

Southeast USA Region

Larry D. Dennis, Minister (DS)
Dwight M. Gunter, Minister
Charles Davis Jr., Lay
Michael Johnson, Lay

Southwest USA Region

Rob Songer, Minister (DS)
Dan Spaite, Lay

NYI Representative

Sabine Wielk    

NMI Representative

Lola Brickey

Educational Representative (Minister)

John Bowling, Olivet Nazarene University

Educational Representative (Lay)

Bob Brower, Point Loma Nazarene University

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