New General Superintendents Inducted
Friday, July 1, 2005
Thursday, June 30, Nina G. Gunter and J.K. Warrick, the two newly elected members of the Board of General Superintendents, were inducted in their new roles. Both were elected on June 29 during the 26th General Assembly in Indianapolis.

The afternoon service was attended by the assembly¿s delegates, guests, and the Gunter and Warrick families. A praise and worship time was held with General Superintendent James H. Diehl giving the invocation.

General Secretary Jack Stone presented the two new Board members. Retiring General Superintendent Jim L. Bond addressed Gunter and Warrick, welcoming them to the Board.

Each member of the current Board of General Superintendents presented the two new Board members with symbolic gifts and personal comments. Diehl presented suitcases, which represent the global travel reflected in the lives of the Board members.

General Superintendent Paul G. Cunningham presented Gunter and Warrick with new Bibles, reminding them, through John Wesley¿s example, of the need to be in the Word through personal times of reflection.

Family was the concept presented by General Superintendent Jerry D. Porter. As he spoke, Gunter¿s husband, D. Moody Gunter, escorted Patty Warrick to the platform. New rocking chairs were provided for the couples. Porter explained that taking time for the ¿core¿¿the family¿ is vital as the couples will spend extraordinary time with the international Nazarene family.

Retiring General Superintendent W. Talmadge Johnson addressed Gunter and Warrick regarding the role of the superintendency on legislation and official oversight for the Church of the Nazarene. He presented the two with Church of the Nazarene Manuals and other key leadership tools.

Continuing with the next item was General Superintendent Jesse C. Middendorf who shared on the example seen in Jesus washing His disciples¿ feet. Servant leadership was Middendorf¿s theme as he welcomed them to the ¿order of the towel in the Church of the Nazarene.¿

Diehl and Middendorf read scripture passage appropriate for the occasion including Isaiah¿s words, ¿I have called you by name; you are mine¿ and Paul¿s challenge to the Ephesians to, ¿live a life worthy of the calling you have received.¿

Cunningham read selected passages from the denomination¿s Manual pertaining to the work of the Board of General Superintendents.

Bond, as Board chair, presented the charge to Gunter and Warrick to provide visionary leadership, to ¿prayer earnestly, think critically, and to act as a catalyst for the church.¿ He challenged them to ¿think globally¿ as the church meets its resolve to be an international body, leading to inclusivity and diversity for the denomination. He added that the Board has no duty more solemn than to do what it deems necessary for doctrinal clarity in spreading scriptural holiness. Living for the important, rather than the mere urgent, was Bond¿s challenge as he encouraged them to care for their souls.

Bond continued the ceremony in leading Gunter and Warrick through the official charge as outlined in the Manual installing each in their new roles of 35th and 36th General Superintendent in the Church of the Nazarene. Johnson then offered the prayer of consecration.

The event concluded with Revivalism Coordinator Charles Millhuff praying for all leaders in the Church of the Nazarene. Porter concluded the service with a benediction.
inator Charles Millhuff praying for all leaders in the Church of the Nazarene. Porter concluded the service with a benediction.