Voting for the 35th and 36th general superintendents
Friday, July 8, 2005
The Nazarene Research Center has put together an election chart for the 2005 general superintendent balloting. The chart and graphs are shown here: The voting was held during the 26th General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene in Indianapolis last month. Nina G. Gunter (Ballot 24) and J. K. Warrick (Ballot 35) were elected as the newest members to the Board of General Superintendents. The graph shows voting from ballot No. 1 to ballot No. 35, the final ballot.

The voting process for general superintendent is as follows:

The first ballot is held on paper. Each of the 1,001 voting delegates could list two names for general superintendent. Since four of the current superintendents were eligible for re¿election, two new superintendents were needed to complete the Board. All four incumbents were re¿elected separately.

The names listed on the paper ballots were reviewed for eligibility. To be eligible, candidates must be between the ages of 35 and 68 and have never been forced to surrender their credentials for disciplinary reasons. Each of the 242 eligible people mentioned on the first ballot were assigned a number. Thereafter, each ballot was cast electronically, with each voting delegate eligible to vote for two different names, general superintendent No. 35 and general superintendent No. 36. If delegates tried casting both votes for the same person, their vote would not be counted.

To be elected, a candidate needed to receive a vote from two-thirds of the voters. It made no difference if the person was the first or second choice; if two¿thirds of the voters chose the candidate, that person would be elected.

The first person to be elected, Olivet Nazarene University President John Bowling chose to graciously decline the position. Bowling was elected on the 21st ballot. The chairperson had the assembly pray, asking God to direct the voters to a person God would like to have serve. Immediately following that prayer, Campinas, Brazil Church of the Nazarene Pastor L. Aguiar Valvassoura asked that the assembly no longer consider him as a candidate, since God had laid Brazil on his heart so heavily.

Once Gunter was elected on the 24th ballot and accepted, the delegates only cast one vote. Because of this, the remaining candidates dropped in total votes, since they now only received first-choice votes and no second¿choice ballots. Warrick was then elected on ballot No. 35.
--Nazarene Research Center.