In retrospect: General Assembly 2005
Friday, July 22, 2005
Kansas City
The process of debriefing the recent 26th General Assembly and Conventions has begun. Someone once said, "Every General Assembly is mother to the next one." If this is true, every event must provide a learning base from which to make even better decisions in the planning for future events. The scrutiny has begun.

Some of the elements emerging from the limited debriefing that is already occurring include:

¿ Even greater emphasis will be given to increasing international participation, both from the first moments of planning to the actual expression of those plans.

¿ Indianapolis as a convention site will be given close scrutiny as the general secretary learns more about their expansion plans. The Indianapolis Convention Center will undergo a radical renovation. The RCA Dome will be torn down to make way for additional convention space. In its place, a new stadium with a retractable roof will be constructed further south of the existing Dome location. This potentially could increase walking distance from the hotel cluster.

¿ General Secretary Jack Stone indicated the importance of a favorable review of Indianapolis' plans. The needs of the delegates, guests, and visitors must be considered in any decision related to the site of the General Assembly. In passing, Stone mentioned the cities of Orlando, Detroit, Atlanta, and Toronto as potential sites for further investigation. No official list of cities for consideration has been made at this time.

¿ Stone announced a final tabulation of attendance for the 2005 General Assembly of 30,000.
--NCN News