ONU Board of Trustees unanimously grants Bowling five-year renewal
Friday, October 7, 2005
Bourbonnais, Illinois
The Board of Trustees of Olivet Nazarene University (ONU) unanimously voted for a five-year extension of John C. Bowling¿s presidential appointment during their bi-annual meeting on October 5.

Indianapolis District Superintendent Ted Lee, chairman of the Board, reports the renewal was an easy decision for the voting members. Speaking of Bowling¿s presidency, Lee said, ¿When I think what¿s taken place over the last 14 years, it¿s nothing less than a miracle.¿ Since Bowling took office in July of 1991, enrollment has tripled, and financial aid available to students is at an all-time high. There are more local students enrolled than ever (699 from Kankakee County alone) and 220 more Nazarenes are attending ONU than there were a decade ago.

The 55 trustees making up the Board were quick to express their resounding support for President Bowling¿s leadership. As the Secretary of the Board gave the president¿s report, the assembly rose for a spontaneous standing ovation. Lee explains, ¿Dr. Bowling has an incredible vision for Olivet Nazarene University, and he has been able to instill that vision to the administration, faculty, staff, student body, Board, and all of our constituents. The unity of the Board is at an all-time high.¿

According to Chairman Lee, Bowling¿s presidency is the ¿epitome of the outstanding leadership¿ ONU has had since its founding in 1907. He continues, ¿With all of the growth we¿ve had, we have never forgotten our roots, where we came from, our heritage. Our motto `Education with a Christian Purpose¿ is more than just a statement on a piece of letterhead ¿ it¿s who we are. We have honored God in this, His institution, and He has honored our faithfulness.¿