SW Ohio District experiences revival at holiness summit
Thursday, April 11, 2013
Hamilton, Ohio
Tri-County Church of the Nazarene recently hosted the Southwestern Ohio District Holiness Summit. Bible-centered messages on the fullness of the Holy Spirit were delivered by Nazarene evangelists.

"The message was of old, but the fire was new and fresh, and the altars were lined after each message with men and women, young and elderly, and from all walks of life, who were seeking a power and a joy that only comes through the cleansing second work of God’s sanctifying grace," said Tri-County Senior Pastor Dan Walters.

A large number of pastors and laymen came from across the district with a hunger and thirst for the things of God. 

Walters said a police officer on his way to work stopped to catch part of the evening service only to be drawn by the power of the Holy Spirit to the altar, where he bowed in full uniform to surrender his heart to God.

"It was a touching scene," Walters said. "I am thankful that God challenged me to host a holiness summit, and that I accepted the challenge. This is the fresh fire that every congregation needs today."

Another young man was delivered from the bondage of sin and proclaimed "I'm free."

"Thank you, Louie Bustle, Nelson Perdue, Tom Hermiz, and Gary Bond, for allowing God to use your hearts and talents as instruments for His voice to call us back to our roots and experience anew the summit of His holiness," Walters said. "I will never be the same."
--NCN News submissions