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February 20, 2004
Volume 0407
Senior Editor: David J. Felter
Managing Editor: Chad E. Schnarr

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Top Stories
    - New York Nazarene killed in "freak accident"
    - IBOE, University leaders developing new student diversity recruiting strategies
Out of Africa
    - NDRA setting sites on Liberia’s war-torn capital
Asia-Pacific Region Update
    - Manila blaze sets the heart of young people on fire with compassion
Eurasia Region Update
    - Beirut Nazarene now sings for the God who changed his life
USA/Canada Report
    - General NMI Council affirms plans for 90th anniversary project
    - Hispanic Ministries reports aggressive training effort
    - A Prime Time challenge for NTS students
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Collegiate News
    - Jeffrey E. Greenway named Asbury’s sixth president
    - Olivet president honored as Samaritan of the Year
Nazarene missionaries to speak at MVNU Griffin Missions Conference
    - Point Loma’s Hill no-hits University of British Columbia

Top Stories for the Week of February 20, 2004

New York Nazarene killed in “freak accident”
Brooklyn—A member from the Metro New York district’s Brooklyn Victory Church of the Nazarene lost her life February 16 in what has been termed a “freak accident.” Credo Veira, 77, a passenger in a car driven by her husband, was in route to do some shopping when a 22-wheel truck kicked up a rock. Some described the rock as the size of a softball, while other witnesses claimed it was as big as a bowling ball. The large stone rocketed across the hood of the Veira’s vehicle and through the passenger side of the windshield. It happened so fast; the couple didn’t have time to react.

Aubrey Veira, Credo’s husband of 60 years, could only pull over, stumble out of the car, and break into tears. He knew.

Credo Veira was a native of Trinidad where she first became a member of the Vance River Church of the Nazarene. After migrating to the United States, Veira joined the Brooklyn Beulah Church of the Nazarene congregation where she was an active member for many years. When the NewStart Brooklyn Victory church was formed, Veira became a charter member.

Dallas Mucci, district superintendent of the Metro New York district, hailed Veira as a Nazarene who gave exemplary service to the district. Said Mucci: "Sister Veira was one of the foundation members of Victory who could always be counted on to support evangelism and church growth efforts. She was the church mother."

Mrs. Veira will be eulogized at the Brooklyn Beulah church on Sunday, February 22.
--Submitted to NCN News by Oliver R. Phillips, Director, Mission Strategy USA/Canada

IBOE, University leaders developing new student diversity recruiting strategies
Kansas City—Leaders representing each of the educational zones in the United States met in Kansas City February 11-12 to develop new strategies to increase the presence of minorities in institutional enrollment. Issues relating to diversity in faculty enlistments of the Church of the Nazarene were also addressed. Rich Houseal, Communications coordinator, in his analysis of the decadal reports to the group, called the event “a watershed moment that could be translated into exponential gains, if we understand its implications for diversity and inclusion.”

The summit, convened by Mission Strategy director Oliver R. Phillips and endorsed by International Board of Education (IBOE) commissioner Jerry Lambert, was the first of its kind to study these concerns. Both President David McClung of Eastern Nazarene College and President Bob Brower of Point Loma Nazarene University declared their respective institutions were proud of the aggressive and intentional initiatives being undertaken. Brower stated, “I believe this is a priority that has slipped from us in recent years, and the time has come for us to be intentional.”

Brian Parker of Olivet Nazarene University proclaimed, “we must make student diversity an institutional priority and we must challenge ourselves to do a better job.” Nazarene Theological Seminary President Ron Benefiel called for the group to reflect on the foundational and historical reasons for which Nazarene institutions were begun in the first place. He exegeted the assumption that Nazarene institutions evolved from a mandate to provide quality theological education for Nazarenes who couldn’t otherwise access such opportunities.

The summit concluded with the development of 10 recommendations to IBOE, which will be presented to the board during the upcoming General Board meetings.


1. IBOE should urge each institution to form a task force to develop strategies and a vision to address cultural diversity issues, and to increase the minority presence among students, staff, and faculty.
2. IBOE should encourage collaboration with Nazarene institutions internationally in addressing diversity issues that affect the denomination as a whole.
3. IBOE should host a cultural diversity conference in the USA and Canada.
4. IBOE should be proactive in articulating the reasons for increasing diversity, including the formation of a theology of inclusion.
5. IBOE should encourage each institution to set measurable goals for increasing diversity.
6. That IBOE include a dialogue on diversity management on its own agenda as it pertains to USA/Canada educational institutions.
7. IBOE should encourage each institution to conduct a self-assessment on diversity and cultural competencies.
8. That IBOE strongly urge our educational institutions to develop resources to equip students, parents, and pastors for the task of managing diversity.
9. IBOE should encourage a closer partnership and ongoing relationship between the institutions and the local churches and districts.
10. That the Multicultural Recruitment Task Force reconvene in 12 months to evaluate strategies and to chart progress being made.
Out of Africa – News from the Africa Region
Joanie Doerr, NCN News-Africa, supplies all information for this summary.

NDRA setting sites on Liberia’s war-torn capital
Monrovia—Liberia’s city of Monrovia, now with three times its normal population, has no running water, electricity, or refuse removal. Burned out buildings with bullet and shell holes abound everywhere as evidence of a brutal civil war. People who now find themselves without homes seek shelter in every conceivable nook and cranny.

Many have come to assist Monrovia in the process of re-building. Roadblocks, peacekeepers, and swarms of white four-by-fours representing a myriad of non-government organizations testify to helping hands. Outside the city are dozens of camps, some of which have tens of thousands of displaced persons living in tiny plastic-covered mud huts. Here, people wait for the next food distribution, the doctor to make his rounds, and for the water truck to come. Their houses are looted and burned, the fields are empty, the animals are gone, and everything of value has disappeared.

That describes the scene that Heinz and Pat Schubert witnessed on their recent visit to Liberia. In spite of the almost total devastation, the Schuberts discovered a sense of hope and excitement in the people because the war is finally over and there is the possibility of beginning a new life.

The Church of the Nazarene has 70 churches with nearly 2000 members scattered across the Liberian countryside. The war has affected every church and every family in one way or another. According to the Schuberts, “The Church is still vibrant, rejoicing in God’s faithfulness and eager to learn more in order to share this faith with others. Hope has put the sparkle back into the lives and the faces of the people!”

Nazarene Disaster Response Africa (NDRA) is endeavoring to keep that hope burning. There are plans to assist the displaced persons as they return to their home areas. NDRA is preparing to distribute seeds and tools, household kits, food, and used clothing. Funding is also being sought for the construction of wells to provide pure water, as well as materials for the reconstruction of homes.

Prayer that NDRA will be able to meet the enormous needs and to keep the hope burning in the hearts of the people in Liberia is requested.

To view more photos, click on the following link:
--NCN News—Africa

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Asia-Pacific Region Update  

Manila blaze sets the heart of young people on fire with compassion
Manila—On February 6, the Nazarene Youth International (NYI) of the Philippines’ Southern Tagalog District initiated a day of relief and mission work to victims of a devastating fire in Manila. Some 2,500 families or 20,000 people were left homeless when a January 12 fire razed more than 2,500 makeshift homes in the Bataan Shipyard and Engineering Company (BASECO) compound, part of a closed state-run shipyard complex in Port Area, Manila. Of the estimated 20,000 people left homeless and without belongings, many are children. The unhealthy conditions in the evacuation centers for the victims have already resulted in the death of several children.

In response, a team composed of young people, including young pastors, was organized and mobilized to distribute relief supplies, provide meals, organize games, direct a children’s fellowship, and do a gospel film showing with the help of the district JESUS Film Team. With the resources gathered by the team from the district’s local churches, the district NYI fund and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM), the team was able to reach out to 120 families and feed 200 children. More than 300 viewers attended a film showing in one of the affected blocks. The one-day ministry was held in coordination with the Center for Community Transformation, an Evangelical Non-Government Organization (NGO) working in the community for several years.

The fire at BASECO, though heartbreaking, has opened up the hearts and minds of the team members. The slum colony had been a maze of narrow alleys and wooden bridges jutting out from Manila Bay. The fire reduced it to an ugly blackened marsh of rubble, twisted tin, and charred support posts. One of the team members said, “This was my first time to do this kind of ministry. When we arrived at the site the horrible smell made me sick. I wanted to go home right away. But, when I saw the misery in the eyes of the people, the Lord reminded me of the passage in the Bible where Jesus saw the multitudes and was moved with compassion because they were harassed and helpless. I realized that the Lord sent me here to be His worker.”

The Southern Tagalog District NYI is planning to go back to BASECO and is encouraging other districts and churches to join them. There is no evangelical church in the 30 square block area where the 20,000 families live. Prayer is requested for the Southern Tagalog District NYI, that they can be the hands and feet of Jesus to show compassion to those who are suffering.

Those interested in partnering with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries to help respond to those
in need as a result of this fire, funds may be directed to NCM and designated as "Philippines Fire Relief ACM1640." See for contact information.
--Stephen Gualberto, Regional Compassionate Ministries Coordinator for Asia-Pacific

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Caribbean Region Report    

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Eurasia Region News  

Beirut Nazarene now sings for the God who changed his life
Beirut—To mark the launch of his new CD, SAT 7 television sponsored a Ramon Kafrouny concert at the UNESCO Theater in Beirut, Lebanon. More than 1,000 people attended. Kafrouny and his wife, Grace, are members of the Sin el fil Church of the Nazarene in Beirut. They are both leaders of the Sin el fil church youth group, and are students in the Eastern Mediterranean Nazarene Bible College.

Ramon, who was formerly known as Ayman Kafrouny, sang to thousands of adoring crowds throughout the Arab world in theaters and on television. Kafrouny now sings for the God who changed his life. He is in demand for guest appearances in Europe, the United States, and throughout the world to Arabic speaking congregations. His testimony is a poignant reminder of the emptiness of a life without God and in each moment he lifts up the One who "brought him from death to life, and from darkness to the glorious light of the Living Christ."

Kafrouny recently began serving as the Director of Arabic Broadcast and Communications Ministry for the Church of the Nazarene’s Eastern Mediterranean Field. This will expand on the Arabic Radio program "The Voice of the Nazarene," which has been aired over Trans World Radio (TWR) for the past 13 years. Jacob Ammari was the pioneer in Arabic Radio Ministry for the Church of the Nazarene and the program has been one of the most popular programs broadcast over TWR. The new ministry will expand on the current programming to include the use of the Internet, as well as the possibility of a television program.
--Eurasia Regional Office

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MAC in Touch – MAC Region (Mexico/Central America) News

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South America Region News

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USA/Canada Report

General NMI Council affirms plans for 90th anniversary project
Kansas City—The General Nazarene Missions International (NMI) Council is gearing up to promote the 90th Anniversary Project for NMI in 2004-05. During the council’s meeting in Kansas City, held February 12-14, 2004, the council considered plans for raising $3.5 million that will ultimately impact 10,000 pastors in world mission regions in a program called "Books for Pastors-Tools for Ministry." According to NMI, the program is receiving full endorsement by council members.

President Eunice Brubaker chaired the council through a full agenda of reports and business, which included:

  • The report of Nina Gunter, general director, that noted an increase of over $1.4 million in World Evangelism Fund, for a total of $45.2 million; total missions giving of $68.4 million; 45 percent of churches in the USA overpaid World Evangelism Fund for an overpayment total of $1.4 million; a large increase in giving to the Medical Plan for a total of more than $1 million.
  • The new Memorial Roll certificate designed for children and youth.
  • The consideration of a reorganized and more user-friendly Constitution.

    Members attending were Eunice Brubaker, general president; Louie E. Bustle, World Mission Department director; Esther Ribisi, Africa; Jung Kyung-sook, Asia-Pacific; Margaret Rossiter, Canada; Margaret Eversley, Caribbean; Carol Techau, Central USA; Sue Fox, East Central USA; Geraldine Perry, Eastern USA; Philip Weatherill, Eurasia; Ana Maria Crocker de Diaz, Mexico/Central America; Susan Dillow, North Central USA; Mary Winkle, Northwest USA; Marleny Palma de Medina, South America; Jane Bowers, South Central USA; Nina Fuller, Southeast USA; and John Wilcox, Southwest USA.

    “I’m very pleased with the dynamic ways the NMI promotes worldwide missions,” Gunter said. “What a joy to work with the members of the General NMI Council. These dedicated individuals certainly demonstrate their commitment to the Great Commission and take seriously the call to all nations.”

    Hispanic Ministries reports aggressive training effort
    Albuquerque—On January 21, 2004 the Master Teachers Plan for Hispanic Ministries met at the Native Mission Training Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Under the leadership of Roberto Hodgson, Hispanic Ministries coordinator, 27 educators and members representing all nine regions in the USA and Canada were present.

    The conference trained and certified Master Teachers who will in turn train Pastor Teachers beginning with the PALCON meetings this summer. The goal of the Master Teachers Plan is to deliver the Modular Course of Study at the district level in order to recruit and expand the number of Hispanic pastors in the Church of the Nazarene. According to Luis Quinonez, Hispanic coordinator on the Kansas district, “It’s a new day for training Hispanics for ministry in the Church of the Nazarene.” Agreeing with this sentiment, Obed Santiesteban of the Hialeah, Florida Good Shepherd church said, “This will help us recruit new ministerial students and train them for ministry in the Church of the Nazarene.”

    To view a photo gallery of the event, click on the following link:

    A Prime Time challenge for NTS students
    Kansas City—Derl Keefer, Prime Time and Adult Development Ministries, issued a challenge to Nazarene Theological Seminary (NTS) students on February 9, 2004. The “Minister of Hope” sermon title encouraged seminarians who are entering full time pastoral duties to look upon the mature people of their congregations as tremendous resources. Keefer expressed to the students that Prime Time ministries will be growing rapidly in the new millennium. He referenced that, as recently as 2001, there were 156,516 people over the age of 55 in the Church of the Nazarene, or 21.4-percent of the responsibility list.

    Keefer challenged students to embrace the concept of a model of ministry that encourages Prime Time adults to “add life to years and not just years to life.” He continued by asking them to emphasize the positive gift of longevity calling for lives of significance and passion. He further stated that, “we need to refute the old paradigm that senior adults are unresponsive to the Gospel by asking what church can do to evangelize ‘prime timers.’” Keefer asserted that these people are still needed to productively work for the Kingdom of God.

    Leona and Richard Bergstrom, co-founders of ChurchHealth, a ministry devoted to assisting churches in developing effective older adult ministries, published a book entitled, Amazing Grays. The subtitle of the book is, “Unleashing the Power of Age in Your Congregation.” Keefer challenged the group to go out into their future pastoral assignments ready to unleash the power of age into their congregations.

    For additional information on Prime Time Ministries, visit their Web site:
    --Prime Time Ministries

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        - Jeffrey E. Greenway named Asbury’s sixth president
        - Olivet president honored as Samaritan of the Year
        - Nazarene missionaries to speak at MVNU Griffin Missions Conference
        - Point Loma’s Hill no-hits University of British Columbia

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