The World Mission (WM) office continues to facilitate the deployment of missionaries, Work and Witness teams, youth volunteers, pastors, and lay leaders to carry out the mission, continuing to work with other departments in unity and passion to fulfill the Great Commission.
2008 Nazarene World Mission Report
Thursday, March 5, 2009
Global Ministry Center
The 2008 Nazarene World Mission report, presented to the General Board during its 86th Session, February 21-23, 2009.

Louie E. Bustle, director

Eugenio Duarte, Africa Region director
Gustavo Crocker, Eurasia Region director
Christian Sarmiento, South America Region director
Luis Carlos Saenz, Mexico/Central America Region director
John Smee, Caribbean Region director
Verne Ward, Asia-Pacific Region director

David Anderson, World Mission Creative Resourcing director
David Hayse, World Mission Literature director
Larry Bollinger, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries director

As the Word is boldly being preached, thousands of people are coming in the kingdom of God and hundreds of churches are formed every year. Over the 100 year history of the Church of the Nazarene, the stories, reports, and statistics of the Church of the Nazarene have been told by over a million Nazarenes. Statistics play an important role in the ministry. They help us to track our effectiveness and hold us accountable. Each statistic represents so much more than a number; each one represents a person for whom Christ died.

  • The Church of the Nazarene is in 155 world areas after the additions of Guinea-Conakry, Niger, Moldova, and Norway this year
  • 355 organized districts
  • 17,540 churches
  • 1,178,991 church members in World Mission areas (Gained more than 100,000 for second year in a row)

Today, the gospel is being shared through 794 missionaries and 24,065 credentialed national leaders.

There are 39 Bible colleges and seminaries, two liberal arts universities, and five vocational and training colleges operating on the six world regions. Currently, these institutions train 30,564 residential and 14,539 extension students.

The World Mission (WM) office continues to facilitate the deployment of missionaries, Work and Witness teams, youth volunteers, pastors, and lay leaders to carry out the mission, continuing to work with other departments in unity and passion to fulfill the Great Commission.

Ministry Highlights:

WM and JESUS Film Harvest Partners (JFHP) currently have 351 JESUS Film teams working with missionaries and local leaders, spreading the gospel in 273 languages and in 100 world areas ... The ministry reached the 50 million contacts milestone this year ... The cumulative total since 1998 is 50,576,397 evangelistic contacts with 8,963,161 decisions made for Christ (17.7 percent of contacts) and 2,944,075 (32.8 percent of decisions) initial discipleship follow-ups ... There have been 17,700 new missions started since 1998 ... Harvest Partners works with approximately 5,000 faithful donors.

In 2008, JFHP had a total of 3,875,777 evangelistic contacts ... A total of 728,900 (18.8 percent) of evangelistic contacts indicated a decision for Christ in 2008 ... Of these decisions there were 319,905 (43.9 percent of decisions) initial discipleship follow-ups ... There were also 3,462 new mission churches started in 2008.

Since its inception in 1974, Work and Witness has provided life changing moments both for those who give and those who receive. In these 36 years, 196,060 participants have given 13,246,196 labor hours, which equals 6,564 years of labor.

In 2008, there were 722 Work and Witness teams and a total of 10,750 participants. Teams served in 72 world areas.

Also in 2008, there were 508 Mission Corps (formerly Nazarenes in Volunteer Service) volunteers, including 198 short-term volunteers (serving 1-90 days), 287 long-term volunteers (serving more than 91 days), and 23 Tentmakers (volunteering while employed in the same country). These volunteers served in 51 world areas.

Additionally, Youth in Mission (YIM) sent out 94 participants in 2008 to 28 world areas. Of this group, 34 of the YIM students were from three regional areas. Finally, as part of YouthServe, there were 95 youth Work and Witness teams comprised of 1,137 students who served in 28 different world areas.

The Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) Child Sponsorship program provides assistance to 11,000 children ... The Graduate Certificate in Holistic Child Development is an academic program at Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary, in partnership with NCM and Compassion International that equips leaders to strategically train teachers, caregivers, child advocates, and practitioners who directly care for children inside and outside the confines of the church ... As a response to the growing church, NCM developed a web-based application to facilitate communication in project development and implementation. Project Serve is now the official method for proposing projects on the field. This streamlined communication yields more time to do the projects that reach people for Christ ... NCM continues to actively respond and coordinate response efforts to reach those in need following global disasters, as well as provide education on specific projects and global pandemics such as HIV/AIDS.

World Mission Literature (WML) has now produced books in 93 languages with 231 titles completed in 2008 and 708 projects currently in progress in 56 languages ... A total of 12 non-English editions of the complete Manual are posted on for the first time, including K'ekchi, a Guatemalan dialect (first time they've had a Manual in their language) ... Articles of Faith now translated into Chinese, Fijian, Khmer, Samoan, and Tok Pisin (PNG) and Core Values: Christian, Holiness, Missional has been released in Vietnamese - the 39th language for this item written several years ago by the Board of General Superintendents ... Basic Bible Studies (Chic Shaver) is now in 50 languages - the most of any piece of literature in the Church of the Nazarene (Albanian added this year) ... Partnership with USA/Canada to reach non-English churches (18 languages) continues ... Sales of Spanish literature is at a new high.

World Mission Communications continues to train, equip, and provide media support for World Mission Broadcast, World Mission DVD, World Mission Internet and Web Services, and the coordination of the six regional communication centers ... The WMB South America television program Mujer Valiosa TV (The Valued Woman), building off the success of the Mujer Valiosa radio program, is now airing on more than 1,000 channels in 20 countries and has a potential audience estimated at more than 150 million ... WM DVD is now available free of charge online at the Nazarene MediaLibrary with DVDs sent to North American churches and masters provided to each region for translation and regional distribution ... A second release of "From the Dark" with updated graphics and a Portuguese version was done this year. Over 8,000 copies of this Telly (2) and Davey (1) Award winner have been given away over the last year-and-a-half with 2,500 more ordered due to continued demand.

Nazarene Missions International continues to focus on four main areas: Praying, Discipling, Giving, and Educating. The NMI report to the General Board can be found by clicking here.

2008 World Mission Regional Statistics

Africa - Eugenio Duarte, regional director
Regional Office: Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa
New members received in 2008: 46,118
Total members: 410,816 (+11.2 percent)
Church type missions: 3,463
New churches in 2008: 293
Total number of organized churches: 6,356

Asia-Pacific - Verne Ward, regional director
Regional Office: Singapore
New members received in 2008: 2,488
Total members: 103,453 (+2.4 percent)
Church type missions: 387
New churches in 2008: 25
Total number of organized churches: 1,650

Caribbean - John Smee, regional director
Regional Office: Miami, Florida
New members received in 2008: 8,480
Total members: 155,364 (+5.4 percent)
Church type missions: 19
New churches in 2008: 17
Total number of organized churches: 1,094

Eurasia - Gustavo Crocker, regional director
Regional Office: Schaffhausen, Switzerland
New members received in 2008: 23,591
Total members: 153,387 (+15.3 percent)
Church type missions: 1,800
New churches in 2008: 525
Total number of organized churches: 4,296

Mexico and Central America - Luis Carlos Saenz, regional director
Regional Office: Guatemala City, Guatemala
New members received in 2008: 5,676
Total members: 154,235 (+3.6 percent)
Church type missions: 167
New churches in 2008: 52
Total number of organized churches: 1,752

South America - Christian Sarmiento, regional director
Regional Office: Buenos Aires, Argentina
New members received in 2008: 14,816
Total members: 201,736 (+7.3 percent)
Church type missions: 341
New churches in 2008: 50
Total number of organized churches: 2,392

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