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August 15, 2003
Volume 0331
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Top Stories
    - Michigan pastor dies on mission trip after second heart attack
Out of Africa – News from the Africa Region
    - Sueia set to take on new role
Asia-Pacific Region Update
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Caribbean Region Report
    - Spanish Caribbean Youth Congress a success
Eurasia Region Update
    - Western Mediterranean Youth Congress set to begin
MAC in Touch – MAC Region News
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South America Region News
    - Region holds first Missions Congress
USA/Canada Report
- African-American Church leaders meet
    - Evangelism Resources releases “Enlarging the Family of Faith”
Headquarters Headlines
    - Nazarene officials respond to Episcopal bishop election
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Top Stories for the Week of August 15, 2003

Michigan pastor dies on mission trip after second heart attack
Johannesburg—Gavin Raath, Senior Pastor of the Central Church of the Nazarene in Flint, Michigan, died on August 10 at approximately 11:00 a.m. South African time, near Johannesburg, South Africa, while leading a work and witness trip with a group of church members. Raath, 55, suffered a heart attack on Tuesday, August 5th, after arriving in his native South Africa, and had been hospitalized since then. Raath suffered another heart attack on August 10, which was instantaneously fatal. Clara, his wife, was with him on the trip. Raath’s two sons, Dave and Gavin Jr., as well as his daughter-in-law, were flown to South Africa following the initial heart attack and arrived before he died.

An SNU alumnus, Raath had previously pastored at Bethany, Oklahoma First and Calgary, Alberta First before moving to Flint Central.

Initial funeral arrangements are available on the Central Church web site: The Flint Central Church is developing two areas on the web site; one for people to contact the Raath family personally, and the other for people to leave public remarks on the life and ministry of Dr. Raath. The Flint Central staff feels this is the most appropriate way for friends to leave notes of condolence and encouragement for Clara, Dave, and Gavin Jr.
--NCN News


Out of Africa – News from the Africa Region
Joanie Doerr, NCN - Africa, supplies all information for this summary.

Sueia set to take on new role
Johannesburg—Paulo M. Sueia, presently the district superintendent of the Mozambique Matola District, has accepted the appointment as Field Director for the Lusophone Field on the Africa Region.

This appointment comes due to the resignation of Eugenio Duarte as the Lusophone Field Director in order to begin his newly appointed position as Field Director of the Francophone Field which was vacated by the election of John Seaman as the District Superintendent of the Michigan District.

Sueia’s appointment was approved by General Superintendent W. Talmadge Johnson and by Louie Bustle, director of World Mission. Bustle commented: “Rev. Sueia will give excellent leadership to the Lusophone Field as it continues to enjoy exceptional days of growth. He is a product of Nazarene missions and becomes the ninth among a growing number of field directors with a country of origin outside of North America.”
--World Mission

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Asia-Pacific Region Update  

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Caribbean Region Report    

CONCAR 2003 Spanish Caribbean Youth Congress a success
Maimón—Youth from the Spanish Caribbean Field gathered in Maimón, Dominican Republic for the CONCAR (Conexión Caribe, or Caribbean Connection) 2003 Youth Congress from July 28 to August 2. More than 220 young people from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, England, and the United States accepted the challenge to serve Christ passionately and effectively. The highlight of the week was a day of community outreach in the town of Cotuí, where CONCAR participants spread out to hold medical clinics, do children’s ministry, paint the police station and hospital, do hospital evangelism, community evangelism, and prison evangelism with the Evangecube. The day of ministry culminated in an evening concert and showing of the Jesus Film, after which 121 people responded to the invitation to accept Jesus as Savior. District Superintendent Carlos de la Cruz plans to use the community outreach to start a Church of the Nazarene. There is presently no Church of the Nazarene in Cotuí.
--NCN News-Caribbean

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Eurasia Region News  

Western Mediterranean Youth Congress set to do great things
Guadalajara—The Western Mediterranean Field Youth Congress is set to begin August 20-25 in Guadalajara, Spain. Approximately 200 youth from France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain will come together for an exciting week of fun, fellowship, and worship. The theme of the congress is "But, I'm Too Young. . ." and events during the Congress will revolve around God's call to ministry and the importance of this generation of European Youth capturing a vision for what God is asking of them. The special speakers for the week are Davide and Tanya Cantarella from Moscow, Russia. God will use them to speak his truth and to challenge the youth to respond to God's call on their lives.

Congress officials believe this congress will be "direction-altering" for this generation of youth: “God is going to transform lives and call many of these youth to various ministries! This will be an opportunity to identify and begin to mentor many of our future pastors and leaders. These youth will look back on this week for the rest of their lives and remember that God did a mighty work among them dsuring the congress!”
--NCN News

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MAC in Touch – MAC Region (Mexico/Central America) News

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South America Region News

Region holds first Missions Congress
Belo Horizonte—In an effort to heighten the importance of missions, Brazilian Church leaders organized and held the South America Region’s first Missions Congress.

Nearly 500 Nazarenes from throughout Brazil met July 9 – 12 in Belo Horizonte for 10 workshops on such topics as short-term missions, how to raise funds for missions, and Compassionate Ministries. Special sessions also addressed urban ministries in the “Sertão Brasileiro,” Brazil’s 10/40 window, a very poor and dry area known for problems with idolatry.

Among the event’s special speakers were the South America Regional Director Bruno Radi, Brian Utter, the Region’s radio coordinator, and Marty Hoskins from Nazarene World Headquarters.

“It was a mile marker in Brazilian missions,” said the event coordinator, Marcos Monteiro.

Several participants agreed to join a mission trip to northern Brazil for July of next year, while others signed up for the missionary training program that the field offers.

The Brazil field plans to host the Missions Congress every two years, with the next one in 2006.
--NCN News-SAM

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USA/Canada Report

African-American Church leaders meet
Orlando—The Southeast Regional Fellowship (SRF) held its annual gathering July 17-20, 2003 at the Sheraton World Resort Hotel in Orlando, Florida. SRF is a regional gathering of Black Churches of the Nazarene in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Its mission is to provide an opportunity for fellowship, edification, encouragement and empowerment and affirmation for churches ministering in and through the Black community.

Charles A. Tillman, Sr., Chairman of the group, reported the theme for this years gathering as "Proclaiming Holiness to a New Millennium", based on Hebrews 12:14. About 350 persons from over 30 churches attended this event.

The following persons served as keynote speakers: Robert Hires, Barbara Allen, Brenda Tyus and Charles Tillman, Sr. Each speaker eloquently proclaimed an uncompromising message of heart holiness and its relevance in shaping a new generation for Christ. Tillman stated in his message, "Holiness is still applicable in this star-studded, Hollywood smitten, politically charged environment." Later, citing holiness theologian H.O. Wiley, Tillman said, "Holiness is to be set apart for God, to be exclusively His... The world is desperately crying for holiness in every arena of life."

Eight presenters led 7 workshops on topics ranging from "Marriage and Divorce," by Barbara Allen, to "What Every Church Board Ought to Know," by Edward Husband. Mr. Monroe and Janice Ballard, Jr. led a Youth Service Saturday evening July 19. SRF also recognized Robert Hires with a plaque and love offering; Hires recently retired after almost 30 years full-time pastoral ministry. Orville Jenkins, District Superintendent for North Florida District, one of several District Superintendents that attended this years' fellowship, stated, "This was a wonderful time for fellowship and getting acquainted with precious Black brothers and sisters in the Lord. It was also exciting to be in the spirited worship services." Charles Johnson, former National Coordinator for Black Ministries and current pastor of Meridian Fitkin's Memorial Church of the Nazarene said, "This years' Fellowship was a big success. Our people came back refreshed, excited and ready to make an impact for the Lord."

The following persons were elected by the Planning Committee to serve as officers the next two years:

Charles Tillman, Richmond Woodville - Chairman
Charles Johnson, Meridian Fitkin's - Vice-Chairman
Albertha Rogers, Memphis Eastside - Secretary
James Tyus, Selma West Village - Treasurer

For further information about future events, contact Charles A. Tillman, Sr., Chairman at 804-648-0777. Tapes of services can be obtained by contacting Monroe Ballard, Jr. at 901-372-9981.
--Oliver R. Phillips (NCM, Black Ministries, Multicultural Ministries)

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Evangelism Resources releases “Enlarging the Family of Faith”
Kansas City—Evangelism Resources is announcing a new resource packet will be mailed in late August containing a compact disc (CD), poster, and brochure to all Nazarene churches in the United States and Canada. According to Evangelism Resources, these local church resources will provide a non-confrontational approach to encouraging Christians to engage unchurched people in spiritual conversations.

Lyle Pointer, facilitator of Evangelism Resources, observed, "Some pastors and lay persons want to access materials helpful in reaching lost people with the Good News of Jesus. “Enlarging the Family of Faith” assists local church leaders in developing a strategy of evangelism that fits their context."

These same materials are available now on the Mission Evangelism website at In addition, anyone can subscribe to a free monthly e-newsletter, “One-On-One,” at the same website.
--Evangelism Resources

Headquarters Headlines

Nazarene officials respond to Episcopal bishop election
Kansas City—It is with a heavy heart that we have received news of the election of a bishop in the Episcopal Church whose lifestyle is an open contradiction to the clear teachings of the Scriptures. We grieve for our brothers and sisters in the Episcopal Church and pray that God will aid the church in readdressing and correcting this tragic choice.

The Church of the Nazarene believes that every man or woman should be treated with dignity, grace, and holy love, whatever their sexual orientation. However, we continue to firmly hold the position that the homosexual lifestyle is sinful and is contrary to the Scriptures.

We further wish to reemphasize our call to Nazarenes around the globe to recommit themselves to a life of holiness, characterized by holy love and expressed through the most rigorous and consistent lifestyle of sexual purity. We stand firmly on the belief that the biblical concept of marriage, always between one man and one woman in a committed, lifelong relationship, is the only relationship within which the gift of sexual intimacy is properly expressed.
--Board of General Superintendents

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